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Ajax Training in Ranchi

We provide Ajax training/course in Ranchi.

The Concept of data exchanging with the server behind the scene.


ajax training in ranchi


What you will learn in our Ajax Course?


Ajax is nothing but a concept on how we can communicate with the server through JavaScript.

In our course, you will learn from the basics to complex situations of using ajax to interact with the server.

You can use this concept and create logic’s, that can be useful in building applications , that uses more server interactions.

Ajax applications are normal these days, because it solves many problems of a programmer. Because after understanding the concepts, you can solve many problems with the scripting language ( PHP/ASP/JSP ) while developing.

As Ajax is viral among the developers, If you don’t know this concept, you will feel low with your developing logic as a developer.

Before knowing different concepts and techniques with this concept of exchanging data, you should be familiar with basic JavaScript or jQuery. By the way, we will proceed from the basics of exchanging data with the server. Handling and updating the DOM Data on different javascript events is the basic thing to understand.


What should you know before learning AJAX?


The concept of this technology is very simple. You should be familiar with at least html and javascript to get started.


Here is a little description on how exactly this works:

  • Step 1: You have to listen any event on DOM with JavaScript. The event can be any type of event, mouse event or any keyboard event.
  • Step 2: After listening to the event, you have to create a JavaScript object to communicate with the server. This JavaScript object is XMLHttpRequest. With the help of this object you can request data from the server.
  • Step 3: The server listens the request. Process the request and return the response back to the browser.
  • Step 4: The response is handled with JavaScript and you can play around with the data returned.

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