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WordPress conversion Services, India


Converting wix site to WordPress is not an easy task and you should choose a proper personnel to do that. We will help you to Migrate/Switch from Wix.


We are well established company in India, provides wordpress conversion service for not only wix, but other platforms as well like weebly, squarespace etc. We have professional designers and they will design the exact copy of your existing website. Yeah, its painful, but we accept the challenge.



convert wix to wordpress. Wix to wordpress is a pure coding process.



  • Wix to WordPress is a totally coding process and our expert developers are trained to convert Wix-made  sites into a WordPress theme. There is nothing like exporting it to another host. But, we will help you to transfer the domain easily from Wix. The domain transfer is easy , if it is more than 60 days old. But in case of less than 60 days, then you have to wait until 60 days.
  • You should hire a proper expert of WordPress to convert/migrate your  site into a WordPress theme. The expert should be able to design the exact copy of your site into a WordPress theme.
  • Our conversion service team has skilled designers who will convert exactly same design of your website to html , because it doesn’t have a proper html, which should be copied easily. Then it will be converted to WordPress. We are professional and experts of it and we will provide exact and pixel wise conversion of your previous made site.
  • Convert website from Wix-hosting to any low cost WordPress hosting, for better Search presence in search engines.



Why Wix sites Ranks low on Google? Wix to WordPress Conversion is a good idea?


Wix urls are unfriendly with google.Therefore, wix to wordpress is a good idea.

No Wix-sites listed on Google.


Again Why the ranking in google is low? The proper answer is the bad technology they use. The technology they use is effective for their drag and drop feature but not effective on google rankings because the sites made on wix is like one page application. The whole site loads at once. That’s why the wix site take very much time to load on the browser.


You have seen something like make your website by yourself by easy drag and drop system in their ads but they haven’t told you to improve the ranking by yourself .


By the way google rankings are very important for websites. For better search presence on search Engines like Google or bing or yahoo, moving website from wix to WordPress is advisable.


The low quality of HTML code full of mistakes and URL structure are causing this problem of search Engine Optimization.


But we can say you that you can  manage all the pages by yourself and SEO too with WordPress, that’s why WordPress is very popular.


Which one has stunning performance in SEO SCALE?


Wix approach:

Many people has problems related to SEO with this online website builder, that its not good in SEO SCALE.
You will waste your time with this builder thinking about your website will perform in SEO.
The main reason behind this fact is the slow pace of loading.


Wp approach:

The great result in SEO performance of this free source is not auto magical.
Many people will recommend you this free source tool, because they have seen success in Search Engine Optimization with this.
If you use unique and fast code and content you will definitely get great results in searches.


What are the key steps taken while conversion of Wix template to WordPress template:

  • We will analyze your design and make exact html template of it. This is the first step and we call it Wix to html conversion. We will convert your Wix to html without any software to make it perfect.
  • Then will convert it into WordPress template/theme.
  • We convert your flashy sliders and design Exactly same pixel by pixel. Flash to Html5 as it is conversion
  • We will use the improved/advanced version of the sliders provided by them.
  • We will redirect the old links of wix website to the new wordpress links. So that the SEO is not be affected too much and it will settle and get the good rank in google.
  • Also our code will be very less and efficient to make it fast and responsive.



Why should you hire our Conversion Service in India to convert your WIX site as it is to WordPress?


Conversion with us will save you a lot of time , rather than waiting for your website to finish completely by giving it in wrong hands. Then you don’t know about the code optimization. Is the code is clean and bug-free? Are you getting optimized website?

  • We are an Indian company and we do this conversion at very low and affordable price in India. We take a little more than normal website, because it’s little more tuff ask.
  • In our company , this work is given to a experienced developer , who has minimum of 3 years experience in web design and development. You can’t take a risk for your site given to a learner. He will take a lot of time to code your Wix-site design into WP theme.
  • We have a team of experts who will provide as it is conversion into WordPress Theme.
  • With us , you will see the work process is faster than a normal designer or developer working in a small company. And those developers are not much skillful. As a result, you will see, conversion is not good enough and it is not user friendly.



  • We will finish your site quickly and very professional way.
  • We will be responsible for converting your  design exactly same and as it is into HTML5.
  • We will provide a quality services if you want to convert it with some changes.
  • We will take all the suggestions before starting the project .
  • We will provide the best developer for conversion.
  • We always use the latest WP version. Therefore, you can update it anytime. We dont do any changes in the core. You can update wordpress anytime the new version is available.
  • We will provide different design then Wix if you want.
  • Our developed website will be faster than your existing site. Yes, it will be using less, basic, optimized and fast web-code.
  • We offer 6 months of free maintenance support.
  • Converted WordPress site will be extremely SEO friendly and cross browser compatible.


We will also solve the issues in your Wix site while converting it from Wix to WordPress like following:


  • You will see your site has scrolling issues and it scrolls very roughly. Many users have this issue.
  • Mobile and tablet versions of these sites has also the Scrolling issues.
  • You will see loading issues with your site , and your site doesn’t load properly, you will see the jumping of the site contents.
  • You are facing trouble or loosing a lot of time in creating a Blog post.
  • You are confusing with the Wix-Interface in making changes, Etc.
  • You have trouble in Search Engine Optimization with the site. So, You can do it easily on this platform. WordPress is build for this purpose.
  • More flexibility and support.



Wix is better for its drag and drop designing scheme for users , hence it is not a proper Content Management System.

We will provide a better Content management feel in WordPress by converting your site to WordPress.

We provide the training on this conversion process as well. Find that out.


Find our service in Ranchi, India:



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