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Why Google removed Content Keyword from Search console?

Why google removes the Content Keyword feature from their search console, that was for help people with SEO and grow their business?There was an official announcement too regarding this change in the console. It was really helpful to check their content variations and density with respect to the website as a whole.  Therefore, it is sad to see the retirement of this type of things by Google.


Why “Content Keywords in webmaster tools” was important?


  • This feature was very useful one to see, which keyword is most important for the search engine to rank the website. But google thinks about the misuse of keywords that is hacked and made important to a website with this feature.
  • Google was hinted earlier this year too about , in the future they will remove this from their webmaster tools, and its gone now.
  • This was great feature to see the density of keywords. Also, you have seen your favorite and targeted keywords on the top.  But now its not present, and it will rest in peace.


You can see and verify in your search console home , that this feature is over.

Why Google removed Content Keyword from Search console?


This feature was important to see which keyword was important and which was not. But it seems that they have just removed this feature and not the value of keyword density.


Keyword density will always be valuable , but the sad part is you will not get information about your density of content keywords. So, if you understood the main aspects of this feature, you can do the good work.


Definitely, this announcement from google will not please the people who were try to put unwanted content and making the density low for many keywords. So that they can strengthen their content marketing strategies.


In more early days, people really see this feature very pleasant. If someone hacks your website and you recovers it, then they see that google bot finds their website.



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