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How to log into wordpress admin

“Looking like you are very new with wordpress and cant find a way to login into wordpress admin.”


You can log into wordpress admin panel by accessing the wp-admin folder of your wordpress installation.you can easily log into wordpress admin panel.


By default, WordPress admin panel opens at localhost @ localhost/your_wordpress_folder_name/wp-admin . At your live domain it will open at www.example.com/wp-admin . Then you will be logged into wordpress admin by your admin username and password.


If , you are using xamp, then also check that you have added wordpress files at xamp/htdocs/your_wordpress_folder_name/. If you havn’t done that then download wordpress from https://wordpress.org and install it.



How to install wordpress in localhost?

how to log into wordpress admin


Extract the downloaded wordpress zip file. Then copy all the files (use ctrl+a,ctrl+c) in the wordpress folder and paste it in the new project folder in htdocs folder under xamp. Make sure xamp is running and apache and mysql started.


Now open localhost/phpmyadmin and make a database for this project. that’s it.


Now open localhost/new_project_folder_name/  and install wordpress. use database username “root” and password  “” (leave it blank).

After installation , you can access wordpress admin panel at localhost/new_project_folder_name/wp-admin/.









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