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PHP Training in Ranchi- Professional PHP/Mysql Course

Best MYSQL and PHP training course in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Get yourself trained with the expert of the Top PHP institute in Ranchi, jharkhand. Learn programming techniques.


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Get a Professional Training in PHP. It is powerful and efficient enough to develop dynamic Web Pages. Join our Job oriented, Industrial Course.


Get a professional training course on so called “Hypertext Pre-processor”. Get deep knowledge about PHP UTILITIES. We don’t make false commitment to our students in Ranchi, India. Also On-page free SEO is included in this course.


We provide Best PHP training in Ranchi, jharkhand for the candidates willing to learn this efficient language of web. The primary and main objective of our training course is to make you a thinking php developer. How to make different logic in a certain problem and choosing the efficient one.


You have a great opportunity of training with a PHP expert trainer in Ranchi.


Check out our training Syllabus below. 


php training in ranchi


Our training Course will help you to understand different areas of programming. Attending regular PHP classes with our training will help you to motivate yourself in programming and know different ways of problem solving logic.


In our institute, in Ranchi, if you are skilled, then you can get an opportunity to work on the live small projects.


Training to Learn different techniques to become a PHP Programmer in Ranchi.


What set of knowledge do you need to get started?


The set of knowledge is basic HTML, basic CSS, and basic Javascript. After knowing all these at basic level, you are ready to get started with this dynamic language of web.

Before Learning PHP , You should be familiar with HTML, CSS and basic JAVASCRIPT. Otherwise we provide training in Ranchi on those too.

The Course is most appropriate for the BCA, MCA, BE students , fresher, passed out from academics. We suppose the students should be familiar with programming in their academics. The past programming experience will be awesome in the way of learning new  concepts. As the students will be in touch with the basic programming with c,c++, java, they will enjoy PHP at best. And they will see that this language has more flexibility while programming.

As we are well aware of the fact that, the students in their academics studies, they are  focused on “I will be a programmer one day“. But they are not finding themselves in the stage to be called ‘A programmer‘. Because programming is an art, and it is developed day after day , and requires a lot of practice.

After the training you will feel real confidence and you will get a job quickly.


PHP training Syllabus:

  • Introduction and Installation: what is it, how to experiment on local machine, xampp installation and running the first  program. Lecture about what logics are generally used in Web applications made with PHP. Also How professionals think about developing web application. 
  • Variables and data-types: what are the variables and different data types supported by this language. By the way, these things are not complex things. These things are very important in java or c++, But in PHP it is very much simple and easy.
  • Strings , constant and operators: different string functions used in manipulating like breaking strings, joining strings etc. Lecture about Using the constants and different operators and logic explanation.
  • IF,ELSE, ELSEIF, FOR loop, WHILE loop,SWITCH: different types of loops and its usage. what loops are generally used and how to use. Lecture about when to use this and most appropriate situation to use these. By the way if-else and for loop is widely used in programming but others are important too.
  • Functions, ARRAYS, Sorting ARRAYS: one dimensional array, two dimensional array, 3 dimensional array , different array functions. Lecture about handling different types of arrays with for loop or foreach loop. Making nested loops to fetch multidimensional arrays.
  • Superglobals: $_GET, $_POST, $_REQUEST, $_FILES, $_SERVER, $_SESSION, $_COOKIES, $_ENV. These are the global variables for you to use for appropriate situation. Basically, GET,POST and SESSION are normally in use, but you will get to know all of the superglobal functions and its usage with details and explanations.
  • Form handling and validation: different form fields and handling form with different techniques, server side form validation and redirection explanation. Form handling is the most important in web application development, because the set of data is taken from the form to handle on the server. When this scripting language was developing using a set of c-programs, it was made for personal home page. And the data was handled by the forms. So, form handling will give you great experience of developing web applications.




  • Date and Time: different date and time functions. Lecture about generally used functions. You will get to know about different formatting of dates and manipulating the date variables.
  • include, include_once, require, require_once: different function for implementing  files in a php file.
  • File handling and file upload: server side file handling(creating, editing, deleting etc) and file uploading, through the forms. 
  • Cookies: operations on cookies. creating a cookie. storing data in a cookie. deleting a cookie. Why we use cookie and what is the requirement of a cookie in web pages.
  • Object Oriented Concept: syntax and usage with oops concept. Declaring a class, creating objects, object properties and methods, constructors and destructors, static methods, inheritance , abstract classes, working with inheritance. 
  • Mysql, Insert, delete, update, select: database handling with mysql and PDO. Working with phpmyadmin.
  • XML parsers: parsing xml files with php .
  • AJAX handling: Working with ajax files with jquery and php. More about jQuery training in Ranchi.
  • Library of  Math , String, Mail, Errors, Date, Calendar: explanations about widely used library functions.
  • PHP-mini project explantion: working on a mini Project. Practical problem solving.


The MYSQL with PHP course includes the following Database areas:

  • Introduction to PhpMyAdmin and how you will use PhpMyAdmin to manage tables and databases.
  • Creating tables with primary key and foreign keys. Making relations with the tables with foreign keys. Foreign keys are very important in relating two tables or more in the SQL database system like Mysql.
  • Different types of data supported by Mysql and when to choose proper data type and what will be the size of data in creation of tables.
  • Inserting data into tables. Inserting into tables using SQL queries in PhpMyAdmin console or from PHP Script .
  • Updating table row data with certain conditions
  • Deleting table row data with some conditions
  • Selecting all data or some data from the table or Selecting some data from table as per the condition.
  • Database normalization technique (1-nf form). This technique will be very helpful when your application is big.
  • How to build a perfect database design based on the requirement.
  • Different SQL functions used with query.
  • Joining two tables with SQL joins.


Why should you choose PHP and start learning it to become professional?


  • You can easily find a job on this language in Ranchi, Jharkhand. There are many companies in Ranchi who focuses on PHP development.
  • Free source, Amazing and Most popular language of Web. Free to download and use. Large programming Community. It has the worlds largest community. And this community is growing fast in the world.
  • It is the core of the World’s most famous website platform “WordPress“.  It’s good to be at core of wordpress. Know more about wordpress training in Ranchi. We will also provide lecture on what is the structure of a  wordpress database.
  • It’s easy enough to be a beginner’s startup server side language. Easy to start with and easy to learn. It can be Mixed with html , what makes it a coding friendly language for beginners. Also very easy to get training by our professional PHP teacher in our institute.
  • It is compatible with almost all servers used today like Apache, IIS etc. And many hosting providers are providing PHP supported server platform at vary cheap price, because you know demand has increased.
  • It supports wide range of databases like Mysql, oracle, PostgreSQL etc
  • Fast load time, Less Expensive software and hosting.
  • More job opportunities after training in PHP , in Comparison with other languages  for freshers.
  • Efficient alternative to Microsoft ASP. PHP and ASP are brothers.
  • Today it is a mature language that executes with a fair speed.
  • Syntax is better, closer to C, C++, and Java. Unlike VB where anything goes.
  • Greater control over error handling, and more detailed error messages.
  • It will run on Unix, Linux, Solaris and Windows. ASP is mainly only Windows associates but you can use it on linux with additional modules.


How PHP helps to start a programming career in India or in Ranchi itself ?

PHP is unlike any other scripting language on web. As you know this language is very simple enough to code. I mean it has less tricky and complex concepts. So, it presents easy coding environment for a startup programmer. However a lot of students in India are opting PHP training course to start a career in IT sector in India. After practicing and experimenting in this language, you will get to know many flows in web application development. That will be useful if you switch languages later on if you want.

So, If you are new in this line of your career, you definitely require a training. So choosing us for training in Ranchi would be your best selection. You will get to know many new concepts in Ranchi.

So, You will not find any other coding friendly language than PHP to startup your career in India. Our Ranchi training selection will help you to find your developer career goals.


What can you do with php?

Now a days, this server side scripting language is widely used for web development . Basically its syntax and programming rule is very simple and attractive for new web developers. One can do many server related tasks very efficiently like handling database, handling form data, handling user sessions, handling cookies , creating conditional pages, handling xml pages etc. you can easily create query strings , use it , program according to it.


You can enhance your web pages like redirecting to another page if condition matches, create forms and handle the forms on the same page or different, interact with the database with ajax without reloading the current page and using php file as an Ajax file.


You also can use this language to dynamically change the style of the web pages on several conditions.



Benifits of our professional training in Ranchi:

  • The goal of our training course is make you a logical programmer .
  • We will boost your programming logic to write a good executable code as per the requirement and conditions.
  • So, we will provide a lot of examples to understand  many techniques of web development.
  • We will discuss many problems and challenges you will face during development.
  • The training focuses on industry standards of web software development with this language.
  • In the training period the students are free to ask questions about PHP web development .
  • The main advantage of our training will be “the different bunch of techniques to solve the problem“.
  • The training relates to different approaches used in web development.
  • The PHP teacher/trainer will be dedicated solely/personally in solving your doubts of your experiment.


We will face and practice different challenges in this language. By the way it is easy but logic is the all important aspect of programming.


For information about php documentation and manual please visit the Official Manual of this language.


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