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Web designing course in Ranchi

We provide coding-full Web Designing training in Ranchi, Jharkhand, India.


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We are one of the Top web designing Institute in Ranchi, India.


Great opportunities for the students in Ranchi, to grab this. You will be able to code any type of design and develop a great and appealing UI or front end with the help of html, css, photoshop and jquery.


web designing course in ranchi

Our Web Designing Course is divided into 2 parts:

Its our very basic training program which covers Different aspects of designing part by part or layer by layer. The course duration will be around 20 days and after that period you will be able to complete the designing requirement based on your coding skills.



Part 1: Html and Css training:

Html part:   This part covers the markup arrangements, usage and layout building. The html syllabus of Html is below:

  • Understanding the basic html file structure. Different parts of a html file and usage.
  • Understanding the various html elements and attributes.
  • Headers, paragraphs,styles, formatting, comments, colors, links, tables, links, blocks, classes, layout, Responsive, Iframes.
  • Html forms and form elements, input types and attributes.
  • Html media, audio, video, canvas, svg etc.
  • Meta tags and basic SEO.


CSS Part:   This part covers the creation of stylesheet. Block wise division of layout and making it beautiful. The CSS syllabus is below:

  • Introduction of CSS and syntax. Selecting different elements of the html file to write its style. Different types of CSS Selectors.
  • Different CSS properties of html elements like Colors, backgrounds, borders, margin, padding, Height, width, text, fonts etc.
  • Styling Links, List, tables. Css Box-model, outline, display, position, float, align.



Part 2: Javascript and jQuery :

Javascript is a language of the browsers. And jQuery is a framework of javascript. It is basically used upon the html elements to traverse or do things according to our requirement in the user Interface without much trouble. Read More about our jQuery course.











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