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Why WordPress is Most Popular website platform in India

WordPress is most popular and widely used website platform. In India people loves this platform for their websites. Many companies are developing many types of Websites in India with this CMS. This multi-nature facility of this platform makes it very popular among the developers as well as People in India.

There are many reasons of this popularity. Bye the way this content management system is most used in the world. Most commonly websites are made using this CMS platform. Also, the other thing is the neat and clean developer documentation. The developer documentation of this platform has taken it to another level of website development, where joomla and drupal are still below.


Why should you want your website to be in WordPress platform in India?

wordpress is very popular in india


In India, you will find many website service providers that are making static websites and charging the customers very much for every small changes in the website like changing the images, Adding some content.


Why should you pay them for the task that can be easily done by yourself on wordpress platform.


Not only small changes, you can compete in SEO with your competitors by writing good content and analyzing it on wordpress with the YOAST SEO plugin.


Now the popularity of this Content Management system has increased heavily with lots of user friendly functionalities with it. Therefore, You can call it more than a CMS.


India is country of marketing and making money from the people. WordPress market is growing at a good pace here.With a lot of people asking for WP websites. And also many developers are talented enough to make a full use of this CMS.


This platform is made with very casual way for building a Website. Unlike WIX which is for only drag and drop feature of design but not SEO friendly. You have to invest a lot of money with these platforms. But in case of WordPress, It is for Search Engine Friendly Environment.


So, the popularity says it all. Your primary choice for self hosted blogging platform should be WordPress.



About Most Popular WordPress Development Community in India


As the popularity has increased, the community is also growing fast in India.


You will not be facing any trouble in finding a developer to make some core modifications, setup, checking errors etc in your personal website.


The development community of this website builder is huge in here. The main reason is the extremely user friendly developers documentation guide of this platform.










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