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If you have knowledge of html , css and php, then it will great. Then it will be very easy for you to understand how Content Management System(wordpress) works. Our web development training classes in Ranchi, India ensures quality and professionalism.



Don’t worry, You will be trained to understand CSS, JQUERY, AJAX, JSON, XML, then PHP , MYSQL and WORDPRESS.


The WordPress web development training will be based on web Industry .


Great opportunity for you to go deep into the CMS.


I will teach you how to make your Word-press theme at ease.


The whole package starts @ 8,000 INR only.


WordPress crash course @3,000 INR only.


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About me


I’m a web developer available in Ranchi. Having 2 years Experience in developing CORE PHP and WordPress websites.


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Why choose me for WordPress web development training?


We will teach you how to make a WP theme and plugin from scratch. That will very easy to learn and understand.

The training course will be focused on different programming techniques and methodology in this content management system to build something beautiful and user friendly. It’s all about using this CMS according to the client requirement. To do that, your vision should be perfect and polished.

I will provide you training for professional customized web development with this CMS.


You will get to know how to code in this CMS and enjoy doing this easily.


Basic professional course of web development, that is necessary before WordPress includes:


  • HTML – Basic HTML ,widely used in the industry.
  • CSS – Basic CSS and advanced CSS.
  • JQUERY – Professional JQUERY , and Different DOM handling techniques.
  • PHP and MYSQL – for Dynamic WEBSITES


Our WordPress Training course in Ranchi, Jharkhand Includes:


wordpress training in ranchi

  • Introduction to Word-press CMS – How it Works . How can you manage a dynamic website in Word-press.
  • Converting a HTML file into Word-press theme.
  • Different ways of making a dynamic website with Word-press. we will focus on the user-friendly way, what will make your client happy.
  • Introduction to different useful plugins for modern Websites.
  • Using different Plugins to suit your requirement.
  • Plugin development Setup.
  • Building a plugin.
  • Introduction to Woocommerce and its implementation.
  • Introduction hooks and filters for customizing  core.
  • custom login and logout in front end.
  • Different SEO strategies and best plugin for SEO with Word-press.
  • Understanding WP database and how it works.
  • Creating Custom post type and taxonomies.
  • Creating widgets and calling them in the theme files.
  •  Database handling with $wpdb.
  • Different useful Word-press functions required for creating themes.
  • Creating different page templates for different designs.
  • Creating responsive web design with web development in theme.
  • Using different javascript/jquery libraries in theme development .
  • Creating shortcodes.
  • Working with AJAX in WordPress.



Why should you get a training in WordPress ?


Are you a newbie or a fresher . You can get a job easily if you know at least Word-Press. We also provide summer training course in WordPress.


25% of web is build with Word-press. That makes it very popular in internet/web industry.


With our training , you will be very  familiar with this CMS and you will get to know , how professionals work and loves this platform.


If you are an absolute newbie, You have to get to know how to work with, html,css,php,mysql and jquery. Then only, you can understand this CMS.



Our Service in Ranchi.

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